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Bilateral Music

The albums "Echoes", "Echoes Two" and "Echoes From Elsewhere" feature calm meditative music for bilateral brain stimulation. The use of bilateral music helps deal with stress, calm strong emotions and recurring thoughts while creating a tranquil mood and establishing and reinforcing positive thoughts and emotions.

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"I use this CD in trauma therapy, but also in general when there is greater emotional stress, lost brooding, etc. Of course, the music cannot "magic away" anything, but when it is meaningfully embedded in a good psychotherapeutic process, I experience it as helpful support (especially because I like the music too, unlike many other bilateral music CDs I've listened to so far). Personally, I like to use it in the evening before going to sleep to switch off and relax."

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Bilateral Music

It was originally developed for treating traumatic experiences in psychotherapy (EMDR) as it supports the processing of difficult content. Bilateral music therapy is used, along other tools, to support the Brainspotting method. These albums beong to the first pieces of music that introduce bilateral stimulation as an integral part of the composistion itself instead of simply panning ready made music, as many previous composistions do.

So, what does bilateral stimulation do?
If you're a therapist, you can use the CD to support the processing of difficult material, either as part of an EMDR session (instead of guided eye movements) or to facilitate Brainspotting. If you got this for yourself then use it to help you relax, better deal with anxiety, facilitate sleep, or use it as one part of a Psychological First Aid Strategy....

...or you can simply enjoy the music...

Feed Back
In a questionaire which was given to 35 participants (sent out with the help of the Trauma Therapy Center Berlin) in 2016/2017, 83% described the CDs "Echoes" and "Echoes Two" as agreeable, 71% described an emotional or cognitive change, specifically: mostly calming (84%), but also help in dealing with negative emotions (34%): these negative emotions were mostly restlessness (65%), but also sadness (43,5%). The music also helped the participants fall asleep (57%). Other described effects were: deeper breath, motivation to persevere, feeling of satisfaction, support in focussing on the present, taking a break from daily routine, supporting meditation, centrering, providing warmth, helping in letting go.

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Gerald Pink, Composer and Psychotherapist

I learned to play the classical piano and taught myself improvisation early on. I became the keyboarder in different Rock bands in the 1990s and early 2000.In 1995 I was introduced to Bosnian and Macedonian music, which opened up a whole new world of music to me and introduced me to odd (7/8 or 11/8) rhythm and harmonic patterns. I started using the piano as my personal means of meditation around that time. As a result my style of music became more and more calm and meditative.

In 1998 I began composing and producing pop, rock, and traditional music with adolescents and young adults from a number of different countries. In the following years I led or co-led different band-projects, musicals, school workshops, producing several CDs and performing at countless public appearances. One of the most notable experiences was a one-month workshop with adolescent Aboriginals in Australia. In 2005, I composed music for a modern dance performance and soon after that began publishing individual pieces of solo piano.

Psychological Work
I studied psychology which I graduated from with a Master’s degree in 1999. At that time I was already working with migrants and refugees, using music in my psychological work. I got training as a clinical psychologist and later finished my psychotherapy training as a systemic therapist in 2009. At that time I was working in a children’s therapy center and later in a general counselling agency. I started trauma therapy training in 2014, where I met Oliver Schubbe, a well known EMDR and Brainspotting trainer who cooperated and supported me in the production of "Echoes".

Available Albums

"Echoes", "Echoes Two" and "Echoes from Elsewhere" were produced in cooperation with the Institue for Trauma Therapy, Berlin and published in 2015, 2017 and 2021. Thanks: Oliver Schubbe, Constanze Vielgosz, Joa Stennecken, Anke Siebert, Christian Tschinkel and Stefan Warum.

"Where can I get them?"

To purchase the CDs "Echoes" and "Echoes Two", please contact me using the form below. Download or stream all three albums on major online music shops, eg. Spotify , Deezer , Amazon, Youtube - Music. Or contact me for download link (8€ per album, 18€ if you order all three).

Future Projects

At the moment I am working on new songs, some of which can be heard on Youtube. If you're interested in downloading some of these songs, please contact me using the form below or per e-mail.

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For Puchase of CDs, download of unpublished songs, collaboration, or any questions, please contact me.

Graz, Austria

15€ plus shipping. 12€ per CD for 5 or more, 10€ for 10 or more. Downloads: 10€. Individual deals are possible.

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