Echoes - Music for Bilateral Stimulation

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The albums "Echoes", "Echoes Two" and "Echoes From Elsewhere" feature calm meditative music for bilateral brain stimulation. The use of bilateral music helps deal with stress, calm strong emotions and recurring thoughts while creating a tranquil mood and establishing and reinforcing positive thoughts and emotions. It was originally developed for treating traumatic experiences in psychotherapy (EMDR) as it supports the processing of difficult content. Bilateral music therapy is used, along other tools, to support the Brainspotting method. These albums beong to the first pieces of music that introduce bilateral stimulation as an integral part of the composistion itself instead of simply panning ready made music, as many previous composistions do.

So, what does bilateral stimulation do? If you're a therapist, you can use the CD to support the processing of difficult material, either as part of an EMDR session (instead of guided eye movements) or to facilitate Brainspotting. If you got this for yourself then use it to help you relax, better deal with anxiety, facilitate sleep, or use it as one part of a Psychological First Aid Strategy...

... or simply enjoy the music....

These CDs were produced in cooperation with the Institue for Trauma Therapy, Berlin. Thank you Oliver Schubbe, Constanze Vielgosz, Joa Stennecken und Anke Siebert. Also, thank you Christian Tschinkel and Stefan Warum.

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